Friday, April 23, 2010

Life is "Beautiful"

May 2009
April 2010
Okay, some things never change, namely the wackiness of UWC students. And yet, despite the fact that I told Andy something to the contrary, I got a little nostalgic today planning our thank-you desert social for the faculty, studying Biology over drinks at the same cafe where I spent exam time with my second year Georg last April, and watching Shaked celebrate her birthday and be amazed by all that has happened in the past year...Sometimes it seems like enough for a lifetime. For myself, these two years have brought a countless number of experiences for which I am more deeply grateful than my over-worked mind can express in words. I didn't do very many things I regret, but there are too many people I wish I'd spent more time having serious relationships with and some assignments I wish I'd ignored. This evening, Yuly and Niv staged a cozy surprise party in the basement complete with food and a movie projector. Since we've long since worked through all of the comedies we own, we settled on watching La Vita E Bella. I never though I'd see a "comedy" about a concentration camp, but then again, life is often bittersweet. In any case, on days like this it's easy to is beautiful.

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