Tuesday, April 20, 2010

UWCiM Take 5

Last week, our headmaster formally announced that we will have a fifth, albeit even smaller, generation of UWCiM students. This comes after another long and somewhat hidden debate over what the purpose of the school is, how it should be run, and who does/should benefit from it. As anyone who knows a UWCer can tell you, the program is by its nature demanding in every possible sense of the word, and that makes it difficult to build and maintain connections outside of the UWC "bubble." In more practical terms, although we're located in the middle of a town, it's difficult to learn the language, learn local customs, make an unbiased judgment about that wet-hair superstition, etc. While I'm of course thrilled that my firsties won't be walking the halls alone next year, I also see the perpetual struggles for existence that we seem to face as a challenge to think about what we could be doing better. With a new headteacher (congratulations physics professor Valentina Mindolevic!) and many new teachers as well as students, there will be changes. Here's hoping that they are positive and lead to an even more effective, more purposeful, wiser UWCiM than ever before!

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