Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sustainable Sustainability

There are lots of names in the news, but this week one has a personal connection to UWCiM. Thuli Makama, the sister of my coyear Mfundi from Swaziland, was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in San Francisco this week. It's the equivalent of a Nobel Prize in the environmental world, and after several years of work even under personal and political threat she deserves recognition! For several years now, game parks in Swaziland have been responsible for enforcing laws against poaching and have been accused of doing so by brutally executing suspected poachers who may be innocent or be local people hunting only for survival. In an age of growing environmentalism, it's essential to look for comprehensive measures rather than simple or biased solutions. Although her work is not directly environmental, she has encouraged African policymakers to consider the needs and safety of local people when making enforcing environmental laws, and that will hopefully go a long way toward making sustainability efforts more...well, sustainable! Check out BBC's coverage of the award and watch a short video about Thuli's work to learn more.

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