Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Scrabble FAIL

Mattel has officially announced that proper nouns will be allowed in its new version of Scrabble. As a lover of change, I would say that the game's 60-year sameness streak calls for a little variety, but I would be thinking more of a 21st century color scheme or maybe some fun foam letter tiles. You can call it intellectual arrogance, but I pride myself on the ability to distinguish a common nouns from proper ones and to let Scrabble showcase an understanding of the breadth and nuances of the English language. Letting "Beyonce" and "Shakira" onto the board may boost Mattel's profits and bring a wider range of players onto the Scrabble scene, but I can see it having one of the following personal consequences. 1) It's an embarrassing showcase of my occasional apathy towards pop culture. or 2) It fosters a generational gap in which a competition between my mother and I becomes a contest determined by whether the names of the Monkees or the Backstreet Boys will wrack up more points. Either way, I think I'm gonna have to go with the traditionalists in condemning this one.

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David said...

Further evidence that we raised you well. lol