Monday, April 26, 2010

IB Alternatives

Like many IB students, thoughts of impending exams have made me consider what I might do with my life in the eventuality that...well, that my brain goes flying out the window of the exam room and my diploma with it. Cooking school has been one alternative since after two years in student residences I can make a wicked cake with nearly any ingredients and any cooking contraption known to man. I may have to knock "psychiatrist on the first mission to Mars" off the list, but I'm keeping the childhood fantasies of bookseller and zookeeper just in case. And, today, I had some affirmation that there's one eventual career I seem made for...teaching. Barbara agreed to let me take over first year English for the day so I could give them my perspective and review myself for the exams I'll sit next week. According to my firsties, it was a great success, and according to our two professional professors, I'm destined to end up teaching at some point although I should do it periodically throughout my life so as not to lose the initial enthusiasm. To be honest, I've suspected that for a while and am just trying to avoid academia as long as possible.
It's true, I enjoy being in authoritative positions immensely...maybe too much judging by the memories of playing "school" with Becca as a child but always being the teacher and always giving her real lessons and homework! It could be a good career for me...I get to tell people what to do, be recognized as intelligent, possibly travel if I'd stay with the global IB network and possibility of sabbaticals in the equation...all in all good for my ego and my imagination, if not for my wallet. Oh, yeah, and hopefully practice my patience, be innovative, and contribute something to society. In any case, it's back to the real of lowly unqualified student for more power trips until I pass my math exam!!!

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David said...

You would make an excellent teacher. I think you'll be successful with whatever you choose to do. But I could be biased. ;)