Friday, March 5, 2010

You Know You Went to a UWC When...

This Facebook group gave us a good number of smiles this weekend, and reminded me how much of a bubble I do live in. Here's a sampling of the points that I've personally seen in action. I'll leave it to you to decide whether UWCers cross the line from college camaraderie to sect-like status...

1. You have seen Zeitgeist, Life and Debt, Who Killed The Electric Car, An Inconvenient Truth, or most likely all of them.
2. You have to bite your tongue to keep from introducing yourself like you did at UWC: "Hi, I'm [name] from [country]".
3. You can speak multiple languages yet your English gets "worser and worser each day".
4. Normal people DON'T get your jokes.
5. You hate to admit it but you miss mass e-mails.
6. Even if you were the slacker at UWC you study the most out of all of your other friends.
7. It surprises you how much younger the zero years get EVERY year.
8. You have to explain the difference between co-years and co-years, and first, second, and zero years to non-UWCers who always struggle to grasp the concept.
9. You know geography from travel itineraries, not a classroom.
10. You'd never get stranded in a foreign country, you'd just show up at your friend's house.
11. Dorm rooms seem huge now.
12. Anytime someone tells you where they're from you know more about it than they expect you to.
13. Foreign songs you used to hate because people played them all the time at UWC are now in regular rotation on your iTunes.
14. Your Newsfeed on Facebook is populated with articles from BBC, CNN, one random one from Al-Jazeera, and declarations of Skype appointments that will invariably not be met.
15. Shelby Davis paid for all or part of your education.
16. You see people who look exactly like your coyears/friends everywhere and go crazy for a moment before you realize there's no way that's them.
17. You procrastinate like someone is paying you to do it.
18. Anytime you meet another Udubber you automatically know some of the same people. Coincidentally you share an understanding of how crazy those people are.
19. You know that not everyone from Afghanistan is a terrorist but completely understand why someone might think that.
20. You know that Africans make some of the best DJ's.
21. You fast for Ramadan but you're not a Muslim.
22. There's a country that you hate now because of that one person from there.
23. You don't really know how to explain UWC to normal people.
24. You have mini-reunions every time you have a break from school.
25. You wear that dingy UWC Hoodie and/or T-Shirt with pride and anytime someone is going back to your UWC you send them with money to get you more UWC clothing.
26. You don't consider your UWC to be part of the country it's actually in.
27. You forget that the real world has time zones except when you need to call home. All of your UWC friends will definitely be awake when you call them.
28. You wonder why you can't get sick days in college.
29. You still expect there to be that massive plague of sickness at the beginning of every semester like there used to be in UWC.
30. You know that snoring sounds different in every language, as do cows.
31. You remember when one of your coyears/friends spoke absolutely no English at all but still tried to tell jokes...and you laughed.
32. "You respect your second years, you worship your Third Years."
33. You start making politically correct remarks not to be correct but to avoid even longer and more disagreeable meetings.
And last but not least...
34. You have an opinion about American people that somehow hasn't changed regardless of the fact that none of the Americans are anything alike.


Mlle Monster said...

My UWC experience seemed like a lifetime ago to me. Thanks for reminding me how much fun it all was. and i stumbled across ur blog looking for a UWC tshirt. LoL. So you are spot on!

Anonymous said...

hahaha it's me and my co-year procrastinating here. Thanks for this awesome article; it's very true everything you said. Especially the "worshiping third years". And the procrastination, of course. I think you forgot one thing though: The Noodles.

Endrit (Kosovo) ^ Xavier (Guatemala).
RCNUWC, class of 2011 :P