Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a SMALL World After All

Since becoming a member of the UWC community the world has gotten progressively smaller and I'm getting used to finding random connections between people on opposite sides of the globe. It was pointed out to me by my English professor last year that Americans tend to introduce each other by looking for connections among themselves. (ie - "Where are you from? Tuskeegee? Oh, I have an aunt that lives there!") This weekend, however, is becoming almost unrealistically exceptional...besides the airport and airplane connections mentioned in the previous entry, check out these other inescapable bonds pulling my world together:

-My coyear at Li Po Chun UWC in Hong Kong is here...we haven't seen each other since our interview in Chicago. The NYU people already know us because of the other UWCers who have attended previous selection weekends here in Abu Dhabi.
-There are 2 other UWCers here, and the hosts already know us from others who visited previous candidate weekends.
-The guy I'm sitting next to as I type this is from Plano, Texas, PESH, in fact...which means that 1) we know some of the same people (Margo that's you!) and 2)if I hadn't moved, we would have gone to school together.
-One of the local students from Abu Dhabi met some of the people from UWC Adriatic when they did their project week there.
-Not only are architectural tributes to the Louvre and the Guggenheim being constructed on Saadiyat Island along with the school's new campus, the Cleveland Clinic is also coming to Abu Dhabi!
-In Istanbul, I had a random UWC encounter when I ran into my biology teacher at the airport!
I'm pretty sure there were others I've forgotten to mention but the point is clear...that annoying and never-ending Disney song is coming true!

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