Sunday, March 14, 2010

Going for First at FIRST

The last week has been a drag...there's no other way to say it. On Monday I was so confused I thought it was Tuesday, tried to go to lunch early, forgot to attend meetings I had been inviting people to all day, and ended up throwing in the towel and going to bed early. Somehow I made it, and now it's Project Week so everyone's in good spirits. The idea is that we travel around the region a bit with the aim of getting to know our "home" a little better and maybe doing some volunteer work to invest in it. The award for furthest travel goes to our Robotics Team, started by my first year Ingrid, who are now in Israel at a FIRST robotics competition.

I'm so incredibly proud of what she has accomplished...when I first heard the idea of making a working, competition robot I admit I was skeptical. Working with people of different nationalities we are familiar with, but add in the inexperience factor, local mentors and students with varied schedules and levels of English, devilish time restraints, and limited materials...well, let's just say, it would be hard to overestimate the significance of what they've accomplished!!! The team has made the news multiple times, and aside from building a wicked robot, they've nearly flawlessly accomplished the integration which is supposed to be our school's main aim.

Spirit of the United Neretva, have fun in the sun. And good luck today!!!

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David said...

And they were mentioned on National Public Radio in the USA!

They used LabVIEW, eh? I saw that when it first came out in about 1990. A National Instruments representative visited the chemical company I worked for then and demonstrated it for us. It was pretty revolutionary at the time.