Saturday, March 27, 2010


During the annual Model United Nations conference hosted here at UWCiM, we have a tradition of imitating Eurovision with our own set of performances dubbed "Globalvision." For the Americans in the audience who are unfamiliar with Eurovision, think European Union (plus Israel and Azerbaijan) meets American Idol...each country selects an artist and song to represent it, and then there is a televised competition in the spring in which viewers text to vote for the winner. Our version tends toward the irreverent and comedic, although there have also been some stunning vocal talents. A while back I posted about our Sound of Music girls' night in...well, we decided to mutate our love for the musical into a Globalvision entry, the result of which was a medley of all the favorites interspersed with some yodeling, Jeremih, and Black Eyed Peas...good times.

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