Thursday, March 11, 2010

Born in the USA

This week is the Northern/Western/Southern Europe and North American/Caribbean cultural week. Yeah. The feast kicked off with some awesome sloppy joes, brownies, mac & cheese, and pasta salad contributed by the Americans, Dutch pancakes, Danish rice, and other treats, but they were rivaled by some very interesting country presentations. It's a pretty diverse group of countries being represented here, but one thing we all have in common is our "westernized" heritage and an abundance of stereotypes. So, we capitalized on these for some funny "man-in-the-hallway" interviews, the American segment of which is seen here.
Our response was a montage of American icons (Starbucks, Ronald McDonald, know the type) ending with a declaration that although every country has it's contradictions, we are proud to be a country that allows people to be whoever they want to these lovely people.

Gauge the sarcasm as you wish.


David said...

I LOLed.

Hilary said...

Great entry :) We think that Mostar is a city of contrast - well the US is also a country of contrasts! I just finished writing my ToK presentation about it. I love your writing keep it up :)