Monday, March 1, 2010

PostSecret Therapy

Last fall, I applied to read English at Oxford on the off-chance it might lead to reading literature in the same hallowed halls as greats like Lewis and Tolkein. I made it as far as having an interview with Balliol College, which I consider in itself a great achievment! But I'm not gonna lie...some part of my pride was slightly hurt at being rejected. I mean, who wouldn't want the selfish pleasure of saying they turned Oxford down. The fact is, if I'd gotten an offer I would have wanted to accept it even though it's financially unfeasible and I'm pretty sure pedantic English literature expert is not the life path I want to pursue. Today I was browsing PostSecret. For those not familiar, PostSecret is a collection of people's secrets sent anonymously in the form of creative postcards and published in books, on their website, and even through a Facebook feed. I saw this postcard on their made everything better.

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