Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Life of an Extended Essay

Several months ago, Hilary and I realized that the dreaded IB research paper, while not actually the most daunting of tasks, is such a prolonged and talked up process that its hold on us can actually be equated to that of a human life. I submitted my final draft last week, prompting the following funny but incredibly creepy analogy:

Our EEs were conceived last April after numerous presentations outlining the nature of our impending parenthood. Their genders were soon determined with the selection of subjects, and names were tossed about during the spring and summer in the form of topics and titles. We dealt with all the expected stages of morning sickness, nesting, and pure curiosity and intellectual anticipation, and by November the things had been born as first drafts. The were brought up over the course of the fall and winter in a community of editors, peers, and other supervisors. They spent the holidays with our families, pused the limits of our sanity, and caused many ethical dilemmas and sleepless nights. At times, they were more of a nuisance than a source of fulfillment or pride. And yet. By January, the end was insight. Although never perfect, the things could finally stand on their own, and there were thoughts of empty nests on our minds. Finally, on a rainy Wednesday, MY Session May 2010 English A1 Extended Essay was married to an examiner in a ceremony officiated by my headmaster, Paul Regan. I expect there to be a family reunion sometime in July during which I'll see the results of my fastidious parenting, but for the most part, it's good riddance.

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