Friday, February 26, 2010

Crossing the Map Again!

As our English professor Jonathan Boulting said, Spring has betrayed us. But even the rain can't dampen my spirits because early this morning, I found out that my project week will involve traveling to Abu Dhabi in March!!! I applied to the new campus of New York University there nearly on a whim, but a limerick, several essays, and a research proposal later, I've been invited to attend an all-expense paid candidate weekend before the final selection. My head is still spinning, and just the adrenaline of this has been enough to get me through the day. Looks like I'll be adding country #21 and continent #4 to the list even earlier than I wonder whether I'll have to cover my tattoo?


WeDoAdventure said...

Exciting stuff...and well done for almost posting daily!

Papa and Granny said...

Kinda like a three day, two night, trip to Branson and you only have to listen to a one hour sales pitch for vacation property - LOL

Jane said...

Wow! This is awesome. Leah, you are so lucky. Well maybe it's just shear talent, so CONGRATS! This is very exciting. Enjoy your trip.