Sunday, December 27, 2009


Since Elodie goes to university in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and administrative center of the European Union, she has an apartment there were we spent one night. The pictures from there are not the best as we were only in the city for a short time, but despite the time limits and ice we managed to visit at least the facades of the tea house (first picture), the music museum (fourth picture from top), the royal palace (fifth picture from top), a statue whose leg is meant to be rubbed for good luck, the exact city center in the courtyard of the city hall (sixth and seventh pics), and Manequin Piss, along with it's chocolate counterpart. Brussels is another city with chocolateries in abundance, along with Belgian waffels slathered in whipped cream and fruit toppings!

The Christmas lights were quite impressive, as was the ever-present Chrismas market! The city hall is situated in the Grand Place, the main square (part of which is in the last pic above), and there is a light show on it's facade every night during the holiday season. In addition, there are a variety of significant buildings. My favorite is the former house of Victor Hugo which now contains the famous Neuhaus confectioner...what better use for a building than literature and chocolate?

On a more modern note, in the evening we went to the first visit since the summer! We watched It's Complicated in English, but with a little encouragement I managed to buy my own ticket in French, much to the kind amusement and pleasure of the cashier and the people around me in line. Brussels is definitely a pretty lively and international place. It was a nice soujourn back into Western Europe, and I hope to visit again and see more.

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