Friday, December 25, 2009


On one day, I went with Elodie and her parents to a town in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. A great deal of this city is contained within its old town, which is still very medeival, if a bit touristic. There are several bridges leading to this sector, and while we were there it was foggy and snowy so the water was just freezing over. We visited a convent on the edge of town which is now the home of Benedtictine sisters, a museum which used to be a refuge treating people with the bubonic plague in past centuries (fourth pic from the bottom above), the Brugge vesrion of Hogwarts (fifth picture above), and a museum about the history of chocolate complete with a demonstration, sample, and chocolate statue of Obama! Indeed, Belgium is famous for it's chocolate and Brugge seems to embrace that tradition...almost every other shop is a chocolaterie, and it's hard to resist! The image of the display above is just a glimpse of the artistic temptations.

Most of the charm of Brugge was in the old-time architecture and decorations, free of cars and complete with horse-drawn carriages. The town seemed relatively quiet despite all the visitors, and it was a pleasant day walking through the past.

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