Saturday, December 19, 2009

Beginning a Much Awaited Journey!

Well, as usual I´ve failed to fulfill my commitment to blog ready, but it´s never too late for another try, and as I won´t be in my usual "home" for the holidays, I thought I´d share a little of what I am doing with you! Global warming is wreaking havoc on Europe´s weather patterns, but we seem to be getting the good end of the deal. After a few days of sleet, we woke up to snow in Mostar for our last day of classes, Winter Gala, and end-of-term concert. To the right are some views from my window.

Now, I´m making a brief stop in Graz, Austria, sharing a lovely day with my English teacher, Barbara Lichtner, and her family. It´s been snowing lightly all day, and we went for a walk downtown, visiting some shops, going up the clocktower hill, and stopping for coffee and the traditional Christmas frankfurters and punch. It was busy but quiet as it´s the snowy last official shopping day, and the end of advent which means pulic trams are free. In a couple of hours I´ll be leaving on an overnight train to Namur, Belgium, where I´ll spend Christmas with Elodie (an exchange student during my sophomore year at CHS) and her family. I should be able to share some pictures there. For now, I´m enjoying some much-needed downtime and hoping for stress-free travels and no cancellations for my friends at Sarajevo airport! Here is me and Barbara in front of the clocktower on a hill, me in front of the ice-scultpure nativity...

On the far left is a hill which contains a huge hollowed-out cave. People hid here during the WWII, and now there are night clubs and lifts to the top, where there is a park for summer concerts as well as picnics and rendezvous. To the left are some...creative, but lovely holiday decorations in Graz.

A view of the traditional European Christmas Market, which always features crafts and culinary holiday specialties, and in Austria includes frankfurters with mustard and horseradish and hot spiced wine...yum!

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