Friday, October 2, 2009

Some small surprises

Karolina and I were talking today about out perpetual inconsistency in blogging. It seems to be a chronic problem, and i think it may be because life is made of so many little events that it's hard to discern which ones are "blog worthy" or even vaguely interesting. Nevertheless, here are a couple of recent developments:

1. A discovery: Mexican food exists in Mostar! Matt and Rowan tipped me off to the fact that Tus supermarket has started importing the basics. After we participated in the fast for Yom Kippur with our Israeli friends, my first years and I enjoyed a nice fajita dinner! To add the the excitement, we discovered "Little Mexico," a restaurant I've walked by a hundred times without knowing it was there. Aside from being the most authentic attempt at international cuisine I've seen in Mostar, the food was delicious and priced for a students budget. And as far as we could tell, they actually had everything on the menu.
2. For better or for worse, Mostar continues to go international. In the past week, I have spoken to three Americans outside the college and seen several more. One was a teacher visiting friends in Mostar who was just curious about our school and wanted to have a chat! Also, the locale is adopting some fantastic social service ideas. There was a Mostar Walk for Life to raise money for breast cancer, which some students participated in. I, along with some other students, are going to be doing a program in which we work for local companies for a day and donate our salaries to youth designed projects proposed by each participating school around the country! I hope it'll be a great chance to be involved in Mostar life and meet students from other schools when we present our projects in Sarajevo.