Thursday, September 3, 2009

With New Eyes

Our first classes have started, but surprisingly that means I have more time for putting together a post than I have during this whirlwind induction week. I have to say that rather than stress or exhaustion what I feel is hope. It's nice to return to a place that feels something like home rather than a place that might as well be Mars for all you know about it. It's even nicer to see this home through the eyes of someone who's just come, when everything is new and very strange. Our first years are amazing people with a lot of potential, and they've put up with a lot of silly games, (can you believe you did yoga in the park, evacuated the house at 5am, and walked around town dressed like a transvestite?) being told what to do, and not knowing what to do. They're already becoming independent and the days of following us second years blindly are already over, but it's been refreshing for us to realize that we learned enough last year to give advice and that we've appreciated these experiences enough to make them worth sharing. I know we've come back to a slightly different Mostar and a very different UWCiM, but I'm excited to discover it together!

The week began with a day trip to the waterfalls at Kravica and a sunrise hike to the cross.

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Niaina said...

Why did you came here tu study?