Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is Why You're Fat

One of the reasons I'm so positive this year is that we've already managed to foster a healthy sense of community. This manifests itself mainly in the fact that we are already experts at helping each other procrastinate and waste time. The other day, I was sitting with Lara and Ela as they discovered It's a conglomeration of photos and descriptions of the most obscenely unhealthy foods you could imagine. Several pages of Bologna fries, multiple pound burgers, and other mutant fast food disasters, and I was feeling a bit better about my own unhealthy students' diet. But then, a tragedy. Around page 6, an entry which I not only recognized, but know and love...fried ravioli! For those who don't know, that particular pasta is a specialty of the St. Louis area and is a popular appetizer served with marinara sauce. Now it's no organic low-calorie wonder, but I never considered fried ravioli a grotesque or even a guilty pleasure. Ah well, we had a good laugh, and I guess it's to each his own...especially when it comes to food!

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