Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Before We Enter the Twilight Zone

To My Dear UWCiM Family:
I'd just like to say that I am loving these few days of bliss...reunions and meetings, shopping and setting up rooms, lots of 'firsts', no real check-in, no real stress at all except that one time Seb told us about the IB deadlines (please DON'T do that again...). I'd also like to note that right now, we seem to be seeing the best side of everyone. The most carefree, most humorous, least complaining, most optimistic, and all around most exceptional "us." It's charming. And lastly, I'd like to say that when IB gets ahold of us, when we temporarily stop sleeping and noticing the sunshine but start coming to the conclusion that we're surrounded by idiots and begin biting each other's heads off, I'd like you to remember the current me. Of course, I will do my best to remember the preferred you as well. And perhaps we can all make it through this thing with our heads intact.

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Spongebiscuit said...

Leah, I didn'r read your blog for such a long time and now..surprise! I just wanted to tell you that one's "real and creatively optimistic" I cannot desappear completelly.. It is still somewhere under the top layer of our skin, flashing the rainbowish carma around :-)
To still and all-the-time lovable Leah, not yet IB destroyed K.