Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to the Balkans

Anyone who has visited this part of the world can tell you it's pretty different from...well, anything else you're likely to experience. I'm now back in Mostar after spending a day in Zagreb/Banja Luka, and it didn't take long for the essence of the land of unique contrasts. I've seen the ruins and new construction, smelled the frighteningly strong coffee, caught a wiff of those pekarnas (bakeries) my tastebuds love so much, and experienced hospitality to put the rest of us to shame (I couldn't get to bed with less than two cookies, some cheese, bread, and juice and a bag of snacks for the road, and I still felt I was pushing the boundaries of politeness). The Illinoisian in me was even surprised by a pekarna called "Blagojovic." But what sealed the deal, reminding me that I'm not in Kansas anymore, was getting my first receipt for a paid entrance into a public bathroom. Now what am I supposed to do with that?

For anyone who's interested, this video shows the view from my balcony. Yes, balcony. :) It's a good room, and needless to say, I'm pretty excited.


Andy said...

Nice balcony! Guess who has one of those, PLUS a bathroom and shower in his room? :)

Srdjan said...

Andy, you've got Djole's room? :O

Srdjan said...

P.S. Leah, amazing room. Ex Niva's, if I remember correctly. Can't wait to see you guys and I'm sorry I missed you in Banja Luka.
See ya on Friday! :)

leah marie said...

Srdjan-yes! I'll def have to return to Banja Luka sometime and see it properly.
Andy-...shut up. :D ;)
Sooo looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow! The houses are too quiet.