Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not in Kansas Anymore

Lately I seem to be a person with full days and a tired mind, and when a little space frees up in my schedule I often turn to movies to relax.
So, on Monday when Michelle, Milana, Srdjan, and I discovered that our ballroom dance class was cancelled, we headed to the mall to search for a cheap video store Matt and Rowan mentioned. We found the store and were greeted by shelves and boxes of the latest films, music releases, and Playstation games...and I mean the latest. Although I should have expected it, I was a bit surprised to find Twilight, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Bedtime Stories, and several other titles I know haven't been released on DVD even in the US. Actually, almost all the DVDs in that store are pirated, and it's completely legal to buy and sell them in this country. Maybe the word "copyright" hasn't been added to the language yet?
However it happens, for about the same price as a new release rental in the US, one can enjoy the newest cinema releases in the comfort of his own home. Never mind that one scene it skipped, the local language subtitles, or the message at the bottom of the screen reading "For awards consideration ONLY." That's the price you pay for taking advantage of being outside the Motion Picture Association of America's jurisdiction.

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