Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!!

I'm back in Mostar after a LONG 2 days of 3 flights, two bus rides, a taxi ride, and a LOT of waiting! Susac house was still pretty empty last night...almost all of those who were here had stayed the whole break. I found my room freezing cold with the window cracked open and the water heater turned off. Mostar doesn't have much central heating, so the city hasn't been directly effected by the situation with Russia. However, that also means that my fairly large room is left to be heated by a small space heater.
I arrived about 7pm yesterday, took a lukewarm shower, bundled up with a towel on my head since I had no hair dryer, and for the first time lamented that I have such a large room and that the internet cable for the house is running through the window above my bed and keeping it cracked open...and I've been lamenting it ever since. Last night wasn't so bad as a bunch of us went for coffee, played cards, and hung out in the second floor rooms where the Middle Eastern and African students have been staying...naturally, since they've had heaters on for a month those rooms are much warmer. The fun continued (quite loudly) until about 5am, but since I was rather jet-lagged I snuck off to the room next door, which was nicely heated and missing it's occupants. I can't say I slept well, but I did sleep and today's been a lovely day of bundling up, trying to warm my fingers enough to do homework, walking around Mostar, and greeting my housemates as they come.
Despite everything, it's still way too cold in here. I've had hot tea, stolen my roommate's blanket, dressed in multiple layers, and I've just resorted to turning on the oven with the door open in hopes that it might warm things up a bit...does that say "desperate" to you?

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