Wednesday, January 14, 2009

End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End

After the first three days of classes, I can't help but reflect on how different this start of term is from the last one. Last time around I couldn't remember my roommates names, I didn't know left from right on the streets of Mostar, I couldn't stand walking to school in the suffocating heat or pouring rain, local language might as well have been an unbreakable code, and IB itself was a total mystery. The first time I handed in a Biology assignment, Mr. Museve looked at it and said, "What is this? You should have done this in pen. Pencil is too messy." I was a little was I supposed to know? I was used to teachers who prefer pencil!
I hope and suspect I'm not the only one who had adjustment experiences like that, and it's rather strange to think how far we've come.
My roommate Isabelle just arrived from the Netherlands...lots of people were delayed because of the unpublicized new law that says minors can't travel without parents in BiH. With classes resumed, tests scheduled, and plans for the exams and graduation already in sight, the term promises to fly by.
And with a new umbrella and waterproof hiking boots, I'm ready to face even Mostar weather again!

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Andy's mom said...

Hi Leah-
Wow how you've adapted. You make this new semester seem so routine. I don't think most of us readers really have any idea of the shock the 1st years went through when first arriving in Mostar. So much was different. Your voice sounds so strong and positive. Quite an accomplishment. How was your break? Great to see family and friends? I guess you got through the border okay. Anyway, good luck, and have a great 2nd semester.