Monday, November 17, 2008

Roma and Reconciliation

Hello everyone, and happy Monday!
I had every intention of typing out a couple of blog posts this weekend, but in the end I spent a lot of the weekend being lazy and trying to fight off a cold. It worked, but as a result I have even MORE assignments to catch up on, and since it looks like I may not get a proper blog post in until next weekend, I'd like to direct you to the blogs of a couple fellow foreigners here in Mostar. It's been an exciting couple of weeks...last week was Roma Awareness Week, organized by students here in the college. Although I'm a bit useless because of the language barrier, I am a part of the service that works with Roma (gypsy) children each Friday. My co-year Andy has written a bit about the Roma week at at
if you're interested. Also, this was an INCREDIBLE weekend at Centar II church! I'll let you read about it on Matt and Rowan's blog. They're a couple from the UK who just moved here to work with an organization called Novi Most, and they've done a great job writing about the weekend's events.
So, Matt, Rowan, and Andy...forgive me for stealing your words. And to everyone, I want you to hear about the cool things that are happening, and I will really try to get some of my own thoughts together and posted soon!


WeDoAdventure said...

Go ahead...steal away! ;)

Steve and Sara, Sienna and Sicily, too! said...

Leah, I love reading about your days! Drink in the cultures and foods and scenery! It is what I am doing here! I marvel that God made so many amazing things... and we only know a tiny fraction of them in our small corner of the world! He surely loves Peru, as I am beginning to, and He surely loves all that you are experiencing there, too. I can't wait to see your pretty face again, and to talk with you about fun new foods and languages and more. Ciao, amiga! -Sara

Anonymous said...

Still here and still enjoying all your blogs about life in Mostar. Christmas break will be here soon! We are most anxious to see you. We have been working on the Christmas musical. Your dad is doing his part well. It should be lots of fun. How was your Thanksgiving? SInce you celebrated Halloween I figure you and Andy found a way to celebrate Thanksgiving, too. We have much to be thankful for.

Love, Celeste

andy's mom said...

Hi Leah-
Just want to let you know that I MISS your blog entries. I know you're busy, and it's hard to sit down and write, but nonetheless, I always look forward to hearing your experiences.
Have a great visit home. I can imagine how much you must be looking forward to it. And Merry Christmas!