Monday, November 17, 2008

Roma and Reconciliation

Hello everyone, and happy Monday!
I had every intention of typing out a couple of blog posts this weekend, but in the end I spent a lot of the weekend being lazy and trying to fight off a cold. It worked, but as a result I have even MORE assignments to catch up on, and since it looks like I may not get a proper blog post in until next weekend, I'd like to direct you to the blogs of a couple fellow foreigners here in Mostar. It's been an exciting couple of weeks...last week was Roma Awareness Week, organized by students here in the college. Although I'm a bit useless because of the language barrier, I am a part of the service that works with Roma (gypsy) children each Friday. My co-year Andy has written a bit about the Roma week at at
if you're interested. Also, this was an INCREDIBLE weekend at Centar II church! I'll let you read about it on Matt and Rowan's blog. They're a couple from the UK who just moved here to work with an organization called Novi Most, and they've done a great job writing about the weekend's events.
So, Matt, Rowan, and Andy...forgive me for stealing your words. And to everyone, I want you to hear about the cool things that are happening, and I will really try to get some of my own thoughts together and posted soon!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vive les week-ends!

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the universal truth that weekends rock. Maybe not the most eloquent way of putting it, but we all know we couldn't live without them. Have a look at nearly a month of lovely weekends:
A few weeks ago, I overslept on Saturday morning and missed yoga, but as a result I went to duimovic (supermarket), organized my things, and actually found a free machine to do laundry! And the day got even more exciting when Dzana and I pulled our suitcases down off the wardrobe to put some summer clothes away. I discovered that in the confusion of my first few days here, I didn't manage to unpack everything! To my amazement, I discovered a collapsible laundry basket, four pairs of socks, a pair of shoes, a book, my slippers, and a couple of t shirts. It was almost better than Christmas. In the afternoon, I went to Musala for “the funniest hour of our lives,” organized by some of the second years to relieve the tension that's been building the past couple of weeks. It was incredibly fun to act idiotic and just have fun for a while. After that, some of the girls and I went for coffee by the river...Maria from Spain has made friends with the waiter, and he brought us a bunch of whipped cream, free of charge, which we ate out of our cups. Then, we proceeded to the pancake bar for some more fun and went to abrasevic for a Spanish movie, which I understood about 90% less of than I had hoped. (aka- I need to work on my Spanish!) On Sunday, I finally visited a church with Matt and Rowan! (No worries...there will be a separate entry about this soon!!) All in all, two excellent days.
The next weekend was just as good or better...Saturday was Dzana's birthday, and I tried to make brownies after check-in so they'd be ready at midnight, but I got rushed and did my F to C calculations wrong and burnt them. We sang to Dzana at midnight and ate them anyway. :) I was lazy on Saturday morning then had Chinese lessons and bought the green pumpkin on Saturday night. Sunday, I was an hour early for church because I had no idea the time changed. I was planning to go to a football match with Mirja, Matt, and Rowan, but it turns out the match was Saturday, so we took Novi Most's old van to a really fancy restaurant on the outskirts of town in celebration of Matt's birthday.

Last week, we had a four-day weekend for All Saints, and I went to Nina's house in Bugojno. Here family is excellent, I loved the home cooked food, and the scenery was incredible!! We travelled around to visit her grandparents, walked in the foothills of the mountains, visited her favorite coffee shops, and her mom even showed me how to make sirnica, a delicious traditional Bosnian dish. The ingredients are pretty much available in the States, so you call all try it when I make it at Christmas! :)
And that brings me to this weekend. I felt cold, wet, and sick after a long week, and since it was still raining I skipped the Halloween party. Our housemum Ivana noticed the irony of the American who's been awaiting Halloween for weeks skipping the party, but I had a nice evening watching Evan Almighty with Michelle and Milana. Actually, we were so tired that we stopped and went to bed early...and I got 10 hours of sleep, which has not happened since I came here and I guarentee will never happen again. Today, there was a short international cooking session, meetings in Musala, and an amazing long coffee with Tessa, our lovely Scottish volunteer. Milana, Una, and I just finished Armageddon, and perhaps I'll do some studying now or type some emails. Or maybe I'll just give in to my inherent laziness and go to bed...........
Happy Saturday everyone!