Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Room

This is just a short post dedicated to my room in Susac (Sue-shots) house. As I mentioned, we had our monthly house wide cleaning this weekend. I though I'd better take pictures because the room won't look this good again until next month's cleaning.

Here are some views of my corner of the room. Nothing fancy, but it's home. You can see one of our two windows, the door to our tiny little bathroom, and our kitchenette (which by the way, we are not allowed to use for cooking). The table serves as a place to eat, a storage space, and theoretically as a study space for four people.
Ah...this is our lovely little shower. We're one of the few rooms in the house that doesn't at least have some sort of tub. I wouldn't mind except that the water stands on the ground and makes our room SMELL. Girls' rooms aren't supposed to smell!

Ok, these are really bad pictures and the room is not clean, but they show the view from my bed. Lovely, isn't it? :) The first shows the wardrobe where Una and I attempt to fit our clothes, Una's bed in the middle, and Isabelle's bed on the far right. There's our "front door" in the second one, as well as Dzana's bed (pronounced something close to Dj-AH-nuh).Before Bajram, I discovered that the little shops on the streets sell fresh flowers as well as silk ones. One day I brought some home and although I didn't find a vase, Dzana came up with a creative solution. And it's these simple things, that make this crazy, crowded house a home.


Anonymous said...

Small space for girls. ope you'all get along well!

David said...

I like the bottle of "happiness" behind the flowers. I didn't know you could buy it bottled!

Jessica said...

i love the room! cute flowers! miss you!