Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Comes to Mostar

I have missed seeing the leaves changing colors this year, and I was a little surprised to find that Halloween isn't much of an occasion here in Europe. And a shop by the bridge to Musala, Michelle, Tessa, and I found a pumpkin! It's green on the outside, which led to some confusion about whether it might be a late watermelon or a bloated squash. In the end, we discovered that it IS a pumpkin, just a different variety. And it's still orange on the inside. It's the only one I've found, and I was prepared to pay pretty exorbitant prices for it, but in the end it was only 2 and a half KM! That's about half what it would cost in the States. At my house, it's been a tradition for as long as I can remember to carve jack-o-lanterns and cook the pumpkin seeds, so I decided to give it a shot. On Wednesday, Lejla and I took some time away from studying for biology exams to scoop the gunk out of the pumpkin and wash the seeds. It generated some interest among my housemates and the housemums...apparently this whole pumpkin thing is a very American tradition! Turns out Lejla is a much more dedicated seed-cleaner than I am! Everyone wanted to know what to do with the fibers...I've always considered them trash, but Michelle from Hong Kong informed me that you can dry them and make them into loofahs! I wasn't ambitious enough to attempt that, but Una was brave enough to taste it.
On Thursday, my second year Michael came from Musala and we carved the pumpkin, along with Ahmed. Without thinking, I drew a funny face one it...turns out Europeans are convinced that EVERYTHING associated with Halloween is suppossed to be scary. It was a fun time, and even though I burned the seeds, it was nice to have a little touch of home.


andy's mom said...

Boo! Happy Halloween. Leah, so good to know you're introducing the best of American traditions to fellow UWCers. Do you think you can get them to go for trick-or-treating too? I love your pumpkin, especially 2-sided.
Have a nice 4-day weekend.

Jessica said...

how fun! i love the green pumpkin! i'm so glad you were able to continue your tradition even though you are miles away and share your tradition!
love you and miss you, Leah!