Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Donkey and Elephants and Flags...Oh My!

Hello to all my American friends!
As the elections loom ever nearer, I've been thinking about you guys more than usual. BBC news online is my main source of information since there's no TV in our residence, and the "America's" front page has had only three topics on it for the last few weeks: 1) the economic crisis 2) the war in Iraq 3) the ELECTIONS. I was interested to hear from our headteacher, who is British, that Americans get a lot more access to and information about candidates than Brits do about their politicians. So I guess all this news might be a good thing, but the constant coverage is wearing me out!
Anyway, I wanted to give you something to think about before the polls open. You may be unaware of it, but it's not just US news covering the elections. The whole world is watching, and everyone has an opinion! The most common question I've been asked when people find out I'm American is, "Oh, so who are you supporting?" Even our landlord had Una translate for us so he could ask all about my politics. :) This general interest doesn't surprise me as much as the extent to which people care about the results of the election. As my friend Nina said, "When we vote, things don't change that much. We usually already know who's going to win. But when America elects a new president, it can change the way the world works. You don't know how much you affect us. " Wow...just something to think about. :)
I won't go into all the details of my or others' opinions point is not to offend anybody. If you're really interested to know, shoot me a message. ;) The point is that believe it or not, you are voting for much more than a new leader or a set of policies in the United States. In a way, Nina is're voting for how the world works. That's a pretty big thing, and I would encourage you to inform yourself and remember that even people on the other side of the world are waiting in anticipation, frustration, and maybe even a little fear for the decision. After all, doesn't it make you a little nervous that someone as imperfect as a human being is coming into so much power?
Whether all this means you vote Democrat, Republican, or put your faith somewhere else entirely, may everyone have the wisdom to make the best choice.


Anonymous said...

As big of a decision it is to put so much power in a human's hands, I don't think it's their decisions that are going to make or break this world, but the people's actions.

Andy said...

Haha this makes me so glad that I'm not old enough to vote yet. But I'm glad you shared this. It's very important.

Garren said...

I agree that this election is one of the biggest decisions America will have to make in the country's history and no matter whether Obama or McCain is elected change will happen. Whether it will be good or bad change can't be foretold but things will change.

P.S. This is Garren from America this is my first post. I'm a friend of Leah's