Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

I'm sitting alone in my room right now...and it feels SO strange! I didn't have a class during the last block today, so after lunch I went to my favorite park with Una. The weather is perfect, so I decided to stay and read my script for "The Investigation," the play I'm doing as an extracurricular. We have our first readthrough later tonight, so I'm at home planning to nap and do some homework before I go to Musala.
The "new" feeling is starting to wear off this experience, and Mostar is beginning to be home. Now that we're staring to settle into some sort of crazy, hectic "normal" I'm beginning to think about who I'll be and what I'll do here. I'm so captivated by some of our second years and the things they have invested themselves in. Watching them makes me want to do and be something more than just another crazy UWC student.
I realize this is all a bit vague, but there are a lot of topics I wanna discuss as new developments come. Now that Bajram is over, our lives have kicked into high gear and there's a lot of new stuff on my plate. Let's see, ballroom dance, college council, theatre, yoga, greenhouse, Chinese, Roma Neretva (a service with with local Roma people), and schoolwork, just to name a few. ;) As my body moves from activity to activity, so does my mind, and hopefully so will my blogs. Can't make any promises...I'm not very consistent. But the plan is to share some little snippets of life, as they come.
Gotta go...Una's sharing some milk and homemade cake from Kosovo! Love to all!

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