Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More pictures

And this is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken before we went to the South African/American theatre presentation under the bridge last Friday. Oh, and the people are (going clockwise): me, Amitai from Israel, Dzana (my roommate) from BiH, Karolina from the Czech Republic, Srdjan from BiH, and Kalle from Finland.
This one is for Chris and Jessica...the men in the park are playing bocci! Every day there are tons of elderly men in their old-fashioned suits playing bocci here...usually more than are in the picture. It's so fun to watch how much they enjoy it, and it always makes me think of you guys!
Here is one of the main streets in's one of our favorites because you must cross it on the way to school, and it's full of cafes, bakeries banks, and malls. It's like a very long, narrow version of Walmart.
Some things are the same in every country...the graffiti on this sign says, "You are gay."
Ah, now these are the endless stairs on the way to Susac house. (pronounced Sue-shots) There are 112 of them, and they are deadly after a long day at school, but you can often find someone you know resting at the top. :)


David said...

Love the pictures! And love you! - Dad

Chris Rupprecht said...

of course only the FINEST European gents play bocce in a wish I were there to play with them! Love the pics!

Jessica said...

awesome! thanks for the pics! I LOVE the Bocce one!
love you!

jane m. said...

Leah- I love your writing and I love your pictures! Especially the ones of Mostar--the steps to the dorm, the bocci courts, and the street scenes. You capture so much with your pix. I also love the pictures of friends. It's so great to see everyone being together! Keep it coming, and have fun in Italy.