Friday, September 26, 2008


We've had some beautiful, sunny days in Mostar, so all the walking is more than bearable. I've just come from a meeting with Paul Reagan, our Headteacher, and I'm feeling a lot more enthusiastic and optimistic about life in general.
Time is passing so fast...there are never enough hours in the day!! Last weekend our room got a thorough cleaning. We moved the furniture and everything, and there were lots of disgusting little souvenirs from last year. We have permanent hot water now, but the plumbing to our toilet I backed up, with is both gross and inconvenient. Ah, well...that's Bosnia! Last Saturday was the first Open Mike party at abrasevic, and my roommate Una did all of our makeup for us. When I got home, there was a visitor in our room...a scorpion, right in the middle of the floor! I didn't think those even existed here!!
I've had my first IB exams this week, and classes have been made more complicated by the fact that so many people are ill. Now, it is Bajram, a Muslim holiday at the end of Ramadan. We have a week off of school, and tomorrow I'm heading here to Italy! I have so much more to share, but for now, I'll just say “ciao,” and I hope you all are well!

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Jessica said...

A SCORPIAN!! WOW! How big was it? We had one in our bathroom sink in Gatlinburg, TN this summer, it was small.
Italy, huh? AWESOME!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!! My in-laws are going in a week for a couple of weeks!
Enjoy your time!
Love and miss you.
(had the tailgating party at the CHS football game last night...kept thinking about how weird it was not to have you there!)